At Garden City Academy we want every child in our care to thrive. We put the child at the centre of everything we do to meet their needs and improve outcomes. Our primary aim is to identify needs early and to make sure that appropriate support is put into place. We believe that information sharing, and timely effective support can ensure that all children and families get a good start in life.

Things that we might help you with:

  • Support and advice during difficult periods i.e., illness, bereavement, financial worries and domestic abuse
  • Support for parents in multi-agency meetings
  • Assistance in completing paperwork and forms e.g., Disability allowance, housing and benefits.
  • Pre-loved uniform
  • Support getting your child into school.
  • Attendance monitoring with regular meetings to improve attendance and punctuality.

Families may require support from a wide range of agencies based on their specialised work. Therefore, our role is often to signpost families to the resources that will best support their needs.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • CHUMS – Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service
  • Foodbank
  • Citizen Advice Bureau
  • SADA – Survivors Against Domestic Abuse
  • School Nursing Team

Contact details for different agencies can be found on the Hertfordshire County Council website:

Enabling children and families to receive appropriate support in a timely way can lead to better outcomes for children, and potentially prevent further escalation.

There are Early Help services for parents, children or whole families. Early help could provide support at any stage in a child or young persons life. Some are more likely to need this support than others, such as:

  • Children in or leaving care.
  • Children with disabilities
  • Mental health
  • Families facing abuse and conflict.
  • Low-income families
  • Risk of modern slavery, trafficking or exploitation
  • Families where someone is a carer.
  • Families with someone in prison.


Children and families can access Early Help services in their local area. These may be at school, health centres or through charities and voluntary organisations.

Early Help has lots of positive social, health and behavioural outcomes for children and families.

Please speak to Zoe or Jodie our family support team if you feel you would benefit from some support.

We understand it can be difficult to ask for support so alternatively please speak to a member of staff that you feel comfortable with